Xj3D Extensions Descriptions

X3D Amendment 1 Extensions

The following components were previously our custom extensions, but have been accepted as new components to X3D Amendment 1 (X3D V3.1 header). They are still available as extensions in files using V3.0 as the header version, but using our component names as defined in these documents.

3D Textures

Cubic Environment Maps


Programmable Shaders

Local Extensions

These are the descriptions of the nodes and behaviours of the current extensions to the X3D specification that Xj3D currently supports. Note that these are not part of the X3D specification and therefore using them consititutes creating content that will not work on any other browser than ours. In addition, because these are the extensions we are using these as prototyping work for possible future standards work. They are liable to change at any time.

Clipping Planes

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_Clipping

The clipping component defines nodes that allow for sectioning and removal of parts of objects without needing to modify the basic geometry. These are heavily used in CAD and medical imaging.

Two Sided Materials

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_Shape

The shape component allows for the definition of different material colours for the front and back side of a polygon. Typically this is used in conjunction with the Clipping component in CAD-style applications.

Input/Ouput Device representation

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_IODevice

The I/O Device component is used to abstract any external hardware that can be plugged into a computer. Traditionally these have been mapped directly by the browser to move the user's avatar. This spec allows for exposure to the content developer.

Picking Utilities

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_PickingUtilities

Picking is used in almost every non-trivial 3D graphics application. These allow the application developer to dynamically detect geometry and use that to modify the applications' behaviour. For example, the standard TouchSensor node is implemented using picking internally. This component exposes picking capabilities as a set of sensor nodes that model picking along the same lines as the other sensors without breaking the X3D event model.

Particle Systems

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_ParticleSystems

Particle systems are used to generate effects such as smoke, fire and explosions. Our extension provides a pluggable framework for controlling the visible effects of particle systems.

Rigid Body Physics Modelling

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_RigidBodyPhysics

Rigid body physics modelling is a core element in most game engines. It allows the user to model many classes of objects, such as shattering walls, vehicles and explosions. This extension is implemented using the well known open source Open Dynamics Engine.

DIS Extensions

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_DIS

This component defines proposed extensions to the DIS component(28) of the X3D specification.

Layering Extensions

Xj3D Component name: xj3d_Layering

An extension of the basic Layering component provided in the AMD 2 specification. This provides the ability to restrict the rendered area of the layer to a subset of the entire window size.

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